Project Description

This was a project from 2012 that our fearless Big Salami (Stephan) designed and led while working as a consultant at Dairy Queen.  He now brings this expertise and experience to Big Salami.


Dairy Queen’s ageing store locator was not keeping up with the estimated 27,000,000 annual users who try to locate nearby restaurant.

During travel, loyal customers seek out a Dairy Queen ice cream on a hot summer’s day, so they turn to to find a local restaurant.

Dairy Queen is also a large enough to catch the eye of a patent troll.  Companies with store locators are frequently targets of patent trolls, and before any development was started, this had to be mitigated.


To battle patent trolls, Stephan reached out to the maps team at Google.  He worked closely with Dairy Queen’s legal team to broker this partnership which now provides them legal indemnity against any frivolous patent lawsuits for this tool.

For a rocking user experience, Stephan worked closely with customer service, who speak to tens of thousand customers each year.  With this feedback, he designed and built a store locator which allows users to search for a restaurant local to them, without the need to enter a starting location.

As users pan and zoom, the map updates with efficient data calls and keeps up with a smooth and performant user experience.


With Google’s maps license and resulting legal umbrella, the concern about a potential lawsuit was mitigated.

The new store locator:

  • was a pioneer of its time,
  • drastically reduced support calls to find restaurants and
  • became the tool of choice for the customer service department to quickly find stores for telephone customers who did not have a phone capable of connecting to the internet.

Due to the reduction in support incidents after the roll-out of this tool, this was a resounding success.