Colour wheel and design


Your logo should be a fantastic and beautiful representation of your business!  We’ll design a logo that you can proud of, and one that your clients will love.

When designing logos, we don’t do “that’ll work“, we keep refactoring ideas and concepts until it’s AWESOME.  We go beyond normal design and consider your requirements carefully, get intimately familiar with your business and its industry, do competitor analysis and align all of that with your company’s cultural goals and business aspirations.  Only then can we hop into the design phase and ensure your logo is bang-on.

Brand Development

You have an awesome logo.  Now what?

Your brand is more than a logo, colours and a font.  We’ll help you develop and extend your brand voice with by gaining a thorough understanding of you, your people, your culture, your values, your industry and how passionate you are about what you do.

This is your brand identity.  The unique you.

Brain and psychology
Colours and picker

Brand Guide

Once we’re confident in your brand identity and the holistic image, we’ll create a style guide to ensure your communications, writing style, social media, and any other outlet where your business is represented to the outside world, is confidently and holistically you.  This will include writing style, logo usage, image types and photography style, image content and how printed media should be displayed.