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Our Ethos

People have lost touch with WHY we do what we do.  Simply put, your business ventures are what you spend most of your time on, so let’s make it a fun and enjoyable experience!  Building your online presence and marketing your company creates exciting opportunities, filled with new possibility, and can help get you to the next level.  We’re here to help get you there.

In every project we take on, we don’t just do what’s requested.  We become intimately familiar with your business, its values and its brand.  Only then can we have the conversations required to build something awesome with you!

How We Work

Your project success is as important to us as it is to you.  Therefore, we handle every project with the care and attention it deserves.

Providing you with box-standard prices for all projects is for agencies that sell you a box-standard, generic solution.  We estimate costs separately for each project to ensure you pay only for what you need.  A planning phase before project start is very important, as it can give you a multi-year road map which can be completed over a few separate engagements rather than one big costly project.  This also allows you to work towards your goals as time and finances become available.

Although there may be exceptions, most projects are handled with the following steps:

Reviewing steps
  • Planning

    We familiarise ourselves with your business, your culture, your brand and your project requirements, and get up-to-speed with current project status.  We then facilitate an ideation session which ensures all requirements are gathered.  After all planning activities and idea development is complete, we provide you with project segments, each with an estimated cost and timeline, as well as a multi-year plan, tailored to your budget and business needs.

  • Project Kick-off

    To ensure nothing has changed between the planning phase and project start, a project kick-off meeting gets everyone is on the same page and allows us to go over all requirements and assumptions with you before we start.  We facilitate ongoing regular project status meetings in an agile scrum fashion to document changes, potential risks and ensure everyone knows what their responsibilities are (with providing content, answering questions, etc.).

  • User Experience and Information Architecture

    User experience sessions allow us to map user motives (what your clients want) to your service offerings.  This may also identify gaps in requirements that should be addressed to ensure success.  All relevant areas are wire-framed to dispel assumptions and run through paper testing the solution before any design or development starts.

    All requirements are documented in information architecture documents for sign-off, which will serve as the go-to for project requirements.

  • Design

    Where necessary, mock-ups will be created to illustrate functionality and design.  These will serve as refinements for project requirements.

  • Develop and Build

    Development and building of your content will be conducted in an agile fashion, which ensures constant, visible progress where possible.

  • Testing

    Any developed functionality will be rigorously tested to ensure it meets not only your performance standards but also our own quality standards.  We don’t release faulty products and ensure testing is done throughout the development cycle.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    This is where you get to test your application against its requirements to ensure everything is the way it should be and identify any bugs which will be fixed before final roll-out.

  • Roll-out

    Once everything is tested and you’re happy, we roll out your application or website to the world!

  • Project Wrap-up and Hand-over

    Once the project is complete, a project wrap-up meeting ensures you have all original source files created for your project, which may include Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign source files and code files.

  • Support

    To ensure each project gets the attention it deserves, we don’t take on more work than our capacity allows for, and this includes support agreements.  If you do not have a support contract, you may have to wait until we have capacity before we can help.  A support agreement ensures you get priority support.

Stephan Robberts

Who’s the Big Salami?

I am Stephan Robberts.  I have a love for technology, innovation and am excited by the statistics of successful projects, which is why I give my all to every project.

I created Big Salami after 20+ years of working in a diverse range of technology roles, including designer, developer, consultant, information architect and entrepreneur.  I’ve worked with a diverse list of clients all over the world, including small companies up to corporate giants (including one of the 5th largest companies in the world).  I’ve also worked directly with Microsoft on projects where project success was imperative.

At Big Salami, we carefully select the projects we get involved with.  Every project we take on gets our full attention and is handled with the care it deserves.  Your project’s success is as important to you as it is to us.


Big Salami’s partners have been carefully selected due to their dedication to quality.  We’ve worked closely with each of these companies in the past, and they’ve proven themselves time and time again as reliable partners with great quality products.



Intelogy is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specialising in Digital Transformation with world class Digital Workplace and Cloud Solutions.  We work with Intelogy to ensure that your collaboration solutions, intranet, extranet or business productivity applications are top-notch.

Host Logic

Host Logic

Host Logic provides a complete range of managed IT services specifically chosen for small and medium businesses (SMEs), as well as Microsoft licensing, dedicated hosting solutions and VoIP systems.  We work closely with them to ensure your Microsoft licensing is tailored to your needs, you have a top-notch scalable hosting provider, and a phone solution that is cost-effective, reliable and scalable.

Right Brands

Right Brands

Right Brands provides top-notch promotional products at very competitive prices.  We love these guys!  They’ve also road-tested textiles and other products to ensure great quality and lasting products.  Big Salami can help ensure your brand is designed to perfection and help you choose the perfect promotional product to fit your company’s image and budget.