Devices and screens

Your website is the online extension of your business.  It should feel as genuine and personal as it does doing business with you.

We are a full-service agency, helping you identify not only what you need now, but also a long-term plan to allow your online presence to grow with your business over time.  Our design process is thoughtful and iterative, and you’re involved in every step of the way, ensuring we stay on target and true to your vision.

We utilise content management systems where possible, providing you with a fantastic website that is easy to maintain.

  • WordPress & other CMS

  • Shopping carts

  • Bespoke website

  • Bespoke web application

  • GDPR & compliance

Brain and psychology

UX is at the core of everything.  Mobile apps, websites, applications, intranets and even UX that transcends technology.  Big Salami is heavily focused on UX-first, and we’re intimately familiar with the user-psychology that drives good user-centric design.  We don’t believe in simply gathering the normal persona / user-story / wireframe, but instead laser-focus our efforts on the one thing that matters:  user-motive.

We approach user-experience collaboratively with all relevant personnel, including stakeholders, your sales force, customer service team and other front-line personnel to ensure all user motives are captured and accounted for.

  • Post-it exercises

  • Ideation sessions

  • Wireframes

  • Mind maps

Image and pencil

We don’t settle for “that’ll do“.  We interrogate all requirements, get intimately familiar with your business, intended audience, your company culture and brand to ensure we get it before starting any work.  This ensures our designs speak with your unique voice.

Our planning sessions are thorough and we don’t aim to just meet requirements.  We are as excited by great design as you are about receiving a great looking product.

  • Logo & Brand Design

  • Business cards & Brochures

  • White papers & case studies

  • Promotional giveaways

  • Corporate awards

Colour wheel and design

Your brand is more than a logo, colours and a font.  We’ll help you develop and extend your brand voice with by gaining a thorough understanding of you, your people, your culture, your values, your industry and how passionate you are about what you do.

This is your brand identity.  The unique you.

  • Brand development

  • Logo design

  • Brand guide

  • Unified communications voice

Reviewing analytics and stats

Both marketing and strategic planning ensures that you have a plan for the next few years.  You may find that your goals are a bit above what you can spend in a single project.  Why not work on a 5-year plan and set goals for each year, starting the most important groundwork?  This allows you to budget and grow as your business grows, and in a non-reactionary manner since you’ll be ready for the next step regardless of the timeline.

We can help you develop your ideas into fully realised plans, automate your marketing and help with market research and user testing to ensure its success.

  • Idea & Product service development

  • Brand development

  • Inbound & outbound marketing

  • Social media automation

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